Friday, April 15, 2011

The Ides of April

It's mid-April, and Chicago is back to being cold. It's grey and gross out and just started raining a few minutes ago. I'm over it.

But, regardless... We got a grill! And flowers! I'm borderline obsessed with our little urban deck sanctuary. It won't be in use today (and maybe not even soon), but I have a bird feeder and citronella candles all set for the next sunny day/balmy night. Check it out:

In other news, Blane Fonda has been recording a new album for a little while now, and the tracks I've heard sound great so far. To help with the costs, they've created a kickstarter page, where you can pledge some moolah in exchange for their goods/talents/services. Please check it out, if only to watch this video. It's worth it!

p.s. I know that my April posts so far have been pretty weak/sparse. I've honestly been really busy, but more than anything, I've felt like I hit a creative roadblock and was convinced that nobody read this anyway. But you know, I got a (very appreciated) message today from an old friend complimenting 1048, and I looked over all my posts, and, well, I really like this little ol' blog. So, I'm trying to keep writing. Keep reading :)

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