Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What am I doing this morning?

I'm drinking coffee at the kitchen table, listening to the most amazing iTunes Genius playlist (created off of "Absolutely Cuckoo" by The Magnetic Fields), and exploring the endless internet.

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You may remember that I have two weeks off until I begin a full-time, year long internship. So, I'm trying to pack in a lot of relaxation and me-time.

This is my to-do list for today, and also basically always:

- Yoga
- 40 loads of laundry*
- Take clothes to dry cleaners*
- Clean 
- Read
- Carve print-making block
- Plan trip to Paris
- Paint
- Learn sign language via Comcast OnDemand (in Kids -> Activity, if interested)
- Make no-knead bread
- Go to Target**

* These are the things I really should do, but probably won't.
** This is what I should not do, but almost absolutely will.

What is on your always to-do list?

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