Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Super adorable video above via The Hairpin (via Buzzfeed).

I'm really ready for the weekend, even if it does involve a numbing (hehe) visit to the dentist and running a research subject. It's dreary around here, but I kind of love it. I hope the weekend holds lots of fun/relaxation/loved ones for you!

Some more notes and things from the web lately...

The Internet

- Tickets to Pitchfork Music Festival go on sale today. With Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes, Ariel Pink... looks like it will be a great time. Sadly, I won't see you there as I'll be here, in France, for my brother's wedding (or not so sadly, look at the place!).

- Craig Ferguson's very interesting reason for not making Charlie Sheen jokes

- National Geographic looks at the Most Typical Person in the World (via The Hairpin, what else)

- If you haven't heard yet, some crazy things went down during John Michael Bailey's Human Sexuality class at Northwestern. Here's Bailey's response.... oh, did I mention that I took this class as an undergraduate at NU? No motorized toys that I can remember, though.

Lastly, I hate Safari. It keeps freezing and shutting down on me. I've had it with you, Safari! I know I keep way too many tabs open at once, but still. No more. Anyone else have a Mac and enjoy a lot of tabs at the same time? Suggestions for which browser really is the best? (I've used Safari, Firefox, and Chrome and just can't decide.)

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