Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rain rain...

windowpane photo via spablab/Sean Benham

Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday - you're half way through the week!

Here in Chicago, it's dark and rainy and gloomy. Perfect kind of day for listening to Junip, wearing pajamas, and snuggling with a dog... though I'm in the suburbs, in clinic, with spotty internet. One more day (tomorrow), and I'm done for the quarter, with two weeks of break lying ahead of me!

Things I am excited about: the ton of photos I have to upload to my computer and play with, the pile of magazines I have to read, the 36" x 48" canvas I have to paint, my new running shoes, dinner with friends and family....

Charlie and I are also planning a little long weekend road trip to Nashville. Any suggestions for places to stop along the way or things to see in the T-N (is that a thing?)?

Finally - guess what? You can leave comments on here. You can also subscribe or follow me. Don't those things sound like fun? I may be updating later with a rustic mountain-climber-esque portrait of Lucy, so you should probably keep yourself in the 1048 loop.

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