Monday, March 14, 2011


Friday flowers from Dominicks :), mine

Hi all, sorry for the posting delay - it's been a busy, social, and gluttonous weekend for lil ol' me.

Meanwhile, I've been keeping Japan in my thoughts and hope you have too. The destruction is jaw-dropping, devastating, and terrifying. If you have the means, there are a number of sites set up accepting help and donations.

Considering what's going on abroad, I feel awkward mentioning anything else, but alas - life goes on.

Today begins Spring Break 2011 - my last sb of graduate school, and possibly, of life (hm, erase, I do not like this thought). I have a couple of meetings and things, but otherwise will spend the next few glorious days in pajamas, on the couch, reading, painting, organizing, staring at my giant new jade plant, watching bad daytime tv....

And, Charlie and I leave on Friday morning for Nashville. The internet tells me that temps will be in the high 70s... I am very, very excited, and still waiting on recommendations!!

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